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It started when I was a little child, I really loved sewing, especially at my grandmas place. She had an extra room with a sewing machine in which you could leave your whole chaos without the need to clean up everything immediately.

 After I finished school the only thing I wanted to do was being creative and I decided to study fashion. After 4 years of learning how to draw and sew I created my final collection which was very much inspired by surfing and the native inhabitans of Hawaii.

 I tried surfing for the first time in summer 2013 during a roadtrip through Portugal with two friends. We got addicted to surfing when we caught our first wave. The feeling of hitting the waves was and is incredible and makes you to scream, dance and laugh at the same time.

After our vacation, we participated in a competition. The first prize was a one week surfcamp in Bali. Lucky us we won and it is safe to say that since this trip we have gotten completely hooked on surfing and waves.

Surfing changed my life and of course it affected my everyday life and my collection as well!

My style is functional, wearable and a little bit frisky sometimes.

My university teacher always told me to do something more crazy! But I didn´t see a reason to design something that you couldn´t wear after putting hours of work and effort. All I wanted to do was to design bikinis for surfing and wide hoodies.

One of the pieces I created at the end of my studies, was a very long hoodie which looked like a dress. It came to my mind that this ˝dress“could be very useful for changing in public. I had seen something similar in Portugal which guys used to get off of their wetsuits. Normally you don´t wear anything underneath your wetsuit and it is a real challenge to get off of a good fitting wetsuit, you definiely requireboth hands. That piece of clothing that this guy was wearing, was neither good looking nor good quality. It was just a black piece of cheap polyester. Hence, I thought I can do better.

I designed my first prototype poncho and many more have followed until now. It took me a nearly a year to finish the first prototype because I wanted to incooperate something extraordinary. My aim was to not only create a poncho but also a comfy, stylish hoodie that you could wear on a cosy Sunday afternoon at home or when taking your dog for a walk. In addition, I wanted to invent something that other ponchos don´t have. I talked to a friend who is he best wakesurfer I know. He suggesed: to make a poncho and a boardcover together. I tried many things but it was more complicated than I imagined. In the end I decided to work on some extra protection for the nose of the surfboard.

This allows you to use your poncho as a cover to protect your board from crude airport staff when travelling. You can also simply cover your board in the car on your way to the next surfspot.

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