Poncho Short

Poncho Short Oldgreen

  • €79,00
The long poncho is produced in Europe and customized in Vienna. It functions as a changing robe, towel, blanket and a board cover, it has one pocket in front and colorful strings with clip-stoppers to change the size of the hoodie.
The hoodie protects us from cold and wind. You can can use the poncho after swimming, kitesurfing, surfing, diving, wake surfing etc... or simply after taking a bath or shower at home.
The long poncho is around 104 cm long and 70 cm wide. 
We would recommend that the poncho should end at your knees, but some people like it longer some shorter. It depends on where and how you are planning to use the poncho. The original use is to get changed underneath, so make sure you get the right length.
Material- and Care Instructions 
The fabric of the surfponcho is produced in Europe out of 90% cotton and 10% polyester, the polyester makes the fabric more strong and prevents the fabric from buildings loops. 
There is one pocket in front, colourful strings with clip-stoppers to change the size of the hoodie. The material is the same as a terrycloth towel. They are very soft and easily soak up water.
You can wash it in the machine with 40° degrees, if the Poncho is really dirty you can also wash it with 60°. If you add some fabric conditioner or put it in the dryer it will even get more soft.